Exams, Cleanings, and Preventative Care

Dental Exams in Our Waxhaw Office

Child Smiling in Dental ChairWe are here to care for your entire family. Our goal is making sure our patients keep their beautiful, healthy smiles for a lifetime! We focus our care on preventing tooth decay and gum disease, and spend a great amount of time educating our patients on maintaining a healthy smile for many years to come. We recommend regular dental cleanings and examinations that include screening for oral cancer, gum disease, tooth decay, sleep apnea, and dental infections.

Bad Breath Treatment

Bad breath (Halitosis) is a problem for over 90 million people. 90 percent of the time, the culprit is dental plaque! Plaque accumulates between the teeth, under the gums, and on the back of the tongue. The plaque-causing bacteria release sulfur compounds, resulting in malodor. If you’re suffering from halitosis, please call us at (980) 500-3999 so we can assist in finding the source of the odor and a solution to treat it.